Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Thank you, Keegan and Henry!

They still love to come in and act like its theirs....and I guess to some extent it is. My kids have been absolute troopers. As a single (although not for long) parent and sole owner of two local businesses, my kids have had to make a lot of sacrifices which were usually not of their own choosing. Early mornings sitting at a bakery table eating an uniced cupcake waiting for me to finish my morning baking and take them to school only to pick them up at "after care" and head back to the bakery for another wait while I cleaned up and closed the shop down.
This pattern lasted several months last year when I had to let go of several employees and found myself solely in charge of the place. Not one to rely on others for much, I took over what I should have been doing all along and got the bakery in a better place for all. Unfortunately, during these months Keegan (9) and Henry (7) were dragged along for the ride- rarely complaining and always happy to be with mommy. Now THAT's unconditional love. So, to that end...The Flying Cupcake Bakery is theirs. Thank you very much, Keegan and Henry! Have as much as you would like!
Photographs taken by the VERY talented Janet herself of Janet Payne Photography here in indianapolis. Visit her website to see her amazing photographs at www.janetpaynephotography.com.

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